Close up of carpet cleaner on brown carpet

The carpet rumour mill is filled with various tips and tricks on how to keep your carpet fresh and clean, but lately, it’s becoming harder and harder to know which crazy new fad we should take on board, or simply ignore. After all, a great carpet is an investment for your home, and the last thing you want to do is permanently damage it.

We’ve decided that enough is enough, we’re putting a stop to the nonsense and we’re finally setting the record straight. Here are some common carpet cleaning myths, debunked!

“You don’t need to vacuum your carpet if you deep clean it.”

Verdict: FALSE

While deep cleaning is certainly good for your carpet, and increases the longevity of it, it is no replacement for a good old regular vacuuming. Vacs are designs to clean up every day dirt and debris such as pet hair, crumbs etc. whereas a deep clean gets to the areas a vacuum can’t. We’d recommend vacuuming your carpet before a deep clean to get the best results.

“Carpet cleaning will encourage mould and mildew”

Verdict: FALSE

Yes, deep cleaning your carpet means it’s going to get wet, but this will not encourage the growth of mould and mildew. How? The chemicals used the clean your carpet work to make your carpet free of any dirt and will discourage the growth of mould and mildew. If you aren’t a fan of leaving your carpet to air dry after cleaning, it’s best to invest in a cleaner that dries the carpet whilst it’s pushed along the floor. Win win.

“Deep cleans ruin the texture and look of your carpet.”

Verdict: FALSE

This is an outdated myth which, unfortunately, is still making it’s way through the carpeting grapevine. In fact, a deep clean does the opposite, and actually improves the look of your carpet. Modern day chemicals and carpet cleaners will revitalise your carpet and leave it looking brand spanking new. If you’re worried, we’d recommend testing out cleaning chemicals on a hidden part of your carpet before going the whole hog.

“Your carpet only needs cleaning if it’s turned darker in colour or stained.”

Verdict: FALSE

While stains and colour may be a good indicator as to whether you need to deep clean your carpet, it’s actually the hidden dirt and debris that needs to be taken care of. Dirt can get trodden into your carpet hiding deep in the fibres, and the quicker you zap it, the easier it will be to clean. It’s also important to eradicate any allergy related dirt such as dust, pet hair and pollen. Clean carpet, happy household, healthy family.


Whilst it’s not the most fun job, carpet cleaning is a necessary part of ensuring your investment is a long term one. We’d recommend always reading the instructions that come with your carpet cleaner and remember to test a hidden spot in your house before you take the plunge in cleaning the whole carpet.

Now these myths are debunked, you can clean your carpet properly and enjoy the feeling of a brand new carpet. Huzzah!