A dogs paws resting on a white carpet

Pets, paws and carpets…doesn’t sound like a great combination, does it? With pets comes muddy paws, shedding and unwanted stains. But lets not get hasty, you don’t have to resort to laying laminate flooring throughout your home just yet, all you need is the know how on what type of carpets which are compatible with your four-legged friends.

So, when you’re shopping for you perfect pet friendly carpet, take our essential checklist with you.

1. Carpet Fibre


First things first, you need to choose the right carpet fibre for your pooch. There are a huge range of carpet fibres available, most of which a designed with your pets in mind. If you’re looking for long lasting durability, we recommend sticking with a simple cut pile carpet. The close texture means it will hold it’s shape for longer, perfect for all that extra fluffy traffic.

It’s also worth remembering that loop pile carpets present a couple of problems for your pets. Firstly, their claws can become stuck within the loops, meaning you’ll be left with a damaged carpet.  Secondly, the loops mean it’s harder for you little friend to walk on the carpet, leaving you with an unhappy pup. And nobody wants a sad pup.

2. Colour and Pattern


Now you’ve picked the right fibre, it’s time to think about colours and patterns for your new carpet. Choosing the wrong colour carpet could mean accidents and pet hair are only highlighted. At this point, it’s probably a safe bet to rule out white or light cream coloured carpets for obvious muddy-paw-related reasons.

When it comes to choosing the right colour carpet for you pet, you should ask yourself a few questions. Does my pet shed? Are they prone to accidents? Do they love a good muddy walk? If your pet does shed, you should think about choosing a carpet that is a similar colour to your pets fur. This saves you from hoovering 3 times a day, and will make life much easier. If your pet is prone to accidents or is a particularly muddy member, then a dark or patterned carpet will hide a multitude of sins.

3. Cleaning


It’s inevitable that because you have four-legged friends, a deep clean will be in order from time to time. By choosing a carpet that is stain resistant, you’re essentially putting your umbrella up before it rains. When picking out your carpet, be sure to pick the shop assistants brains on what carpets  are stain resist, and can can handle a regular deep clean.

Now you’re armed with our pet friendly checklist, you can go ahed and shop for the perfect carpet for your pup, we’re sure they’ll thank you later!