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Striped Carpets in Droylsden

striped carpet

JKG are proud to have the largest range of striped carpets in Droylsden and the surrounding areas!

Striped carpet has become increasingly popular with customers throughout greater Manchester with the product becoming one of our fastest selling styles which is why we have continued to add a wider range of colour and styles to our collection.

The striped carpet comes in a variety of colour combinations, thickness and cost which ensures all customers can benefit from the gala stripe chord range, regardless of budget or decor.

Please view some of the below examples to get a better insight into our striped carpet range.

Striped carpet range

Noble range


Noble Stripe Black


Noble Stripe Serenity


Noble Stripe Elegance


Noble Stripe Beige


Noble Stripe Blue


Noble Stripe Enchantment Stripes Silver


Noble Stripe Aubergine


Noble Stripe Devilment

flash stripe carpet range

Flash Stripe Beige

Flash Stripe Beige

Flash Stripe Grey

Flash Stripe Grey

Flash Stripe Red

Flash Stripe Red

Flash Stripe Brown

Flash Stripe Brown