Tread Carefully! Are These The World’s Most Well-Known Carpets?

It takes only a moment to consider the vast array of icons in the world; from celebrities and sports cars, to logos and designs. However here at JKG Carpets, there’s only one thing we can turn our attention to when considering the world’s most well-known interior furnishings: the carpet!

Carpets are present in almost all interiors in one way or another; while they rarely make an appearance in kitchen or bathroom areas, those who value comfort, warmth and style often use carpet to make a house much more homely.

However there are tons of carpets and carpet designs around the world that millions of us are familiar with, let’s take a look at a few examples!

The Red Carpet

Perhaps one of the most commonly referred-to carpets of all time, the red carpet is associated with the lights and stars of Hollywood, acting as an iconic runway for actors and actresses of the world to enter movie premiers and chat with press.

Originally used as a ceremonial carpet to welcome in heads of state and religious leaders such as popes, the red carpet was first referenced in the play ‘Agamemnon’ in 458 BC – in which the lead character is greeted by a red carpet to walk on, on his return from Troy.

The red carpet continues to set the pathway for the world’s most revered stars, leaders and influences to this day!

Carousel Carpets!

Earlier this year a well-loved carpet at Portland Airport was reported to have built up an online social following having graced the airport with its ‘garish’ 80’s design for more than 30 years.

Using typical 80s colours such as turquoise and red combinations, the carpet design is said to represent the layout of the airport’s runways.

Visitors to the airport regularly take pictures of their own feet stood on the carpet, posting the images to their social media accounts with various captions.

Colourful carpet

The beloved pattern has also had influence over several other items, including many products in the world of fashion, having been replicated on several items of clothing, from socks to baseball caps!

Bright socks

Sadly the carpet was torn up earlier this year to be replaced with a more fresh, contemporary carpet (something we’re much more familiar with at JKG Carpets!). While the fans of the 80’s-tastic carpet were sad to see the design replaced, they can rest assured that the design will live on in the form of several clothing items for the foreseeable future!

The Ardabil Carpets

The Ardabil Carpets are a well-known pair carpets from Iran. They are presently kept in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In each museum they are used as prime examples of Ardabil rugs.

Ardabil Carpets

Made in the mid 16th century (almost 500 years old!) the carpet kept in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London was originally one of a pair which arrived virtually ruined. After some discussion the decision was made to combine the two rugs to create one restored version, sacrificing the other in the process.

The cost of the carpet’s restoration was high (even by museum, standards) and required a public appeal and funding before the work could be carried out.

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