Get your new carpet in time for Christmas!

JKG Christmas

With the January sales just over a month away, discount crazed bargain hunters are gearing themselves up, ready to pounce on all of the best deals that are announced with the passing of Christmas.

This can be a hectic time, one fraught with a competitive aggression that is usually found in the Black Friday scuffles!

With JKG carpets this will not happen!

We realize that a home always looks the best around Christmas time as families, friends and guests are always buzzing around which is why JKG are looking to play a part in bringing the January sales a month forward!

Whether you’re looking for a bold, vibrant shag pile carpet or you simply want to add a subtle tone of elegance to a room, we can help…..and at a price that will pleasantly surprise you!

Here we can take a look at a few ideas that will save you money and offer an uplift to any room within your home!

Carpets for Christmas. Why buy now?

Christmas is an expensive time yet buying your carpets early will work out to be the best investment.
Over the Christmas period, you will no doubt play host to family, friends and guests all of which will pay compliment towards the new carpet / aesthetic.

A deep pile, soft carpet will endear your guests to the room as a new carpet adds warmth, looks inviting and creates a cosy aura! Perfect for entertaining thoughout the festive period!

Beat the crowds

Beat the crowds!

As mentioned above, the January sales are often a hectic and grueling affair, very similar to that of Black Friday! People are after everything and anything that has a huge reduction sticker attached which is another great reason why getting in there early can and will play a benefit.
We cannot think of anything worse than fighting your way through a busy carpark, in the rain in early January.

Act now people!

2016 Carpet Trends

Although a carpet is a long term investment, it is important that your carpet not only fits in with your décor but is up to date with the latest design trends as, like with everything else, products evolve allowing for a higher quality, longer lasting carpet.

With that in mind we can take a look at the below upcoming trends;

Bright Coloured Carpets

Brightly coloured carpet

2016 is showing that warm, vibrant tones are the trends to opt for! Bright reds, purples and mint colour schemes seem to incredibly popular as can be seen below.

If you’ve never had a brightly coloured carpet before, you may find the transition a little daunting, don’t! These colourful additions to a room will not only add a splash of colour but will also reflect the owners personality, something that you cannot really do with your typical flat, boring darker shades.

If you find the whole bold approach a little adventurous then we could suggest the addition of a rug, something that will add colour but not be too ‘in your face’!

Geometric Themed Carpets

Geometric Carpet

If you have a quirky side and want something really special why not look at a patterned carpet, forget floral tones (we aren’t in the 50’s, 60’s or 70,s anymore) and pick a geometric designs instead.
Linear, squares and dot designs will all be big hitter for the new season ahead which will play a part in effectively future-proofing your room!

Nature Themed Carpet

If bright colours and crazy patterns aren’t your thing why not look to go for a nature themed design! Carpets in green, honey and earthy tones, using some of the newest yarns, will create a stunning textured design, portraying the world around us!

Don’t delay!

If you want to beat the rush, improve the aesthetic of any room and have it fitted in time for Christmas contact JKG carpets here.

Our team can help with all of the latest design trends and of course, keep it at a price that does not overwhelm your pockets!